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{January 25, 2009}   Dear, Lil Bro

Dear, My Brother

It was me and you since I could remember. Holding hands playing games and sitting in our colorful chairs that mama got us when we where younger. I remember when we could get you to do anything and you would always smile and go along. Years past and I watched you grow up and we where the best of friends we talked about any and everything and I had your back just like you had mine. We rode the yellow school buses together and always was in trouble maybe that was a sign. I know that I have not been the best of person all the time but I tried to stick it out with you lil bro. But I don’t want to lose you forever today is the hardest day that I have every been through I was at mama house and I started missing you so bad. I mean I have to help get your clothes together for them to send you some where and I do’nt know when  the next time that I will be able to see you they are sending you away I can’t even see you in court I mean someone has to watch grandma why Tip and Ma go to your apperence. Man Abe I wish you would have choose other things to do. I mean the streets have nothing out there for you but hurt, jail and death and I don’t want to see any of them things happen to you and that is on the real. I mean you always say that you have changed and you start doing the same thing over and over again. I mean you know if I had my own you could have stayed with me but things have not worked out like that and I am not the best big sister for that. I mean everyone is going through. On the real you know that this is hurting the family I mean you know how great grandma loves you and she needs the man of the house around why she is going through this sick stuff. I mean this time that you have away you need to think about what you really want.. I mean I you more than likely never see this letter but I am writting this to you and telling that I love you and nothing well ever change that…



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