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{January 17, 2009}   A Day Filled With Help

Ok  so a little insight about how I was feeling I was not in the right mind to be writting anything. But the thing that I found out today is that when you really need help you ask. I mean really instead of being angry and crying all day talk to the people that care about you and I am sure that you will come to some kind of conculsion about the whole thing. I mean I had to go through this day for a reason taking angue out on people that care about you and seeing them cry because of what you are saying and doing.  That is one thing that I have to learn is how to let my angue out better than what I do. I mean right now I don’t know what to do about so many things I am just trying to get things meet I mean in so many ways. I got so much help today just from my grandmother for those who read this let me know what is going on. It all started from me leaving my grandmothers and I started living  at my baby and her mom. So we where sleeping one night and got woke up at like 4 and her mom told us to get out so that is what we had to do. And we came and stayed with a friend or what not and we have to end of the month to find some where to stay. So that is what I am trying to process right now. Trying to figure out what is our move from here. I mean besides that I am not so pleasing to others I guess this is the times to see who your real friends and family are. Umm I think that is going to be hard but  oh well! So what else is going on with me. Let me see let me see:) So I don’t think that I have anything more to talk about so that is the end of this blog


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