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{April 4, 2008}   What is going on with me?

So I am writing once again about some things that are going on. For the past couple of weeks I don’t know what I have turned into. I don’t know what is going on with that. I see myself letting things go that I use to care about but that are not really on my mind anymore. Man I am fighting to lose a battle that I know I will never win. I was in school going and doing my studying but I have fell off the ball with that. Maybe I am going through a depression that makes me feel shit or worth nothing. Well it ever end. I think it is time for me to reclaim somethings that I once loved doing. Can you believe me saying that I don’t really dance anymore clubbing is really not on my mind. Just sitting and talking on the phone is my new life. Will I ever find someone that will love me for me or will I be alone all my life. Man see what am I talking about I am downing myself once again. A never ending battling me aganist myself. I am so judge mental about my self making sure everything is perfect making sure I am taking care of other people and not making sure that I am happy. To my friends I am sorry that I am not around and joyful as I once was but I will be back around soon. I just have to figure a lot out about myself. But I know this is not a over night thing and it will take sometime. But for now this is the end of my blog and there will me more to follow I promise.


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