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{February 25, 2008}   2-24-08

So today I woke up not feeling good and full of emotions and I don’t know where is it coming from. I am feeling sick of people and tired of problems and drama what is going on. I thought after having such a good time last night things would be better today but no. My family is getting to me really bad not like they are doing shit to bother me but I have just been very easy brought to tears. I am in this relationship that I just don’t  know if  I feel about the same that I use to about them but I am trying to make it work and that is causing my sadness as well. I have this people that I just started hanging around and I feel like I am a piece of meat to them and really that is not going to happen. I wonder is that all they see me a fling or good time. Man what is wrong with me? I really feel like saying forget about  everything but I know that I can’t I can’t give up on the people I know that love and I know for sure that some of them don’t care and that is whats wrong. I let what people say and do  get to me and I don’t know how to handle it really. I  feel so gross and so out of place all the time and I know that it will pass and I will get over it but when? Things have a period of time that can’t be judged you just have to face it head on and I am really trying to do that. But when you need someone to talk to you always have at least one person that you can count on. Even though you have messed up days there are brighter things to always come. Seeing standing around dancing and talking always bring a smile to your face. The motion of people enjoying each others company and showing so much love just tells you that there will be a better day. The lifting on hands and the steps that they create man that is just the best. Yeah so I think that doing this blog and seeing people so happy has just made my day better. Thank the forces from behind to for the creation of friends.


manju says:

I admire your perseverance. Congratulations on passing your test, Shannon! What’s next in our study program?
I was so glad to see you partying at Visions. It’s always so fun to dance with you. You are forever the undisputed dance champ of Durham.

manju says:

What’s going on, sweets? Haven’t talked to you for a while. Hope all is well with you.

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