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{February 1, 2008}   Have You Ever

Have you ever felt like that earth was crumbling right under your feet. Like apart of you was leaving and seemed never to be coming back. Everyday was a constant battle to regain the life that you was oh so use to. Joking and playing and talking to the ones that you love so much. Have you ever. Joining the community that was built around you and that you felt so great to be apart of. Seeing how other showed loved and respect for one another why can’t the whole world be like that. People that take you kindness for a weakness and try to take control and run everything about you. Why do I hurt I ask myself. I try not to think about the bad and the things that have happened, but I always say that things happen for a reason don’t matter how bad they are. Some people like to react on the weakness of  another person and try to get there happiness through them know matter how they gain that or how it makes the other person feel. Because in there minds it’s all about them and there are taking care of things that they missed out on once in a lifetime. Have you ever? My mind hurts as I think about it but really it is not my problem to fight alone. They are so many things that I have not had time to do but I feel every messed up thing that happens I have a little more time to get them. It is only making me stronger I have came to that I will get by. I want for the day to say that man look at the things that I have been through and I have got through them, but that day seems so long away. God knows why I was created because I am suppose to be strong and kind and welling to  help. So I bow my head and say Thank You! I know now I feel like apart of me is gone but it will be back each tear I shed and each bit of pain that I have I am that person and I will all ways be Shannon and like I always say can’t know anyone take that away from me it is mines. You may try to hurt me and you may try to make me feel bad but think it is only for that moment in time because I will get through it and still have my head held high and thanking you for making me stronger. So if you are reading this I want to say thank you for being there the  best way that you can for the good and the bad because I am gone be here until I know that I have reachedt that point in life where I know that I have leaved life to the fullest.



manju says:

Yes, I think I know exactly the feeling you’re talking about.

Thanks for hanging out yesterday! I missed you while I was in India. Can you please get back in the groove of trying to write every day, at least a little, no matter what else is going on? I know you can do it, sis.

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