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{January 14, 2008}   1-14-08

Have things every seem to be going really good and you have a problem  in the world. That is how I am feeling for the first time in along time and I don’t know why this is so. Because I still have to figure out what I want and need out of life but it does not seem important at the moment. I mean there is a lot of things that I want and need to do but I want to take things one thing at a time. It seems to be really nice to just have to worry about school and nothing else. I feel like I am really going to be down this time in May because I can just work on this and nothing else school is something that I really want to get down so I can feel like I have down something that I really wanted no quitting in the middle and giving up because I can put my full attention to it. I have this people that want help me succeed in this and I really don’t want to let them down. But enough talk about school. I have left my home for the third time in the past couple of years and that is really hard for be because I feel that I have to help them out and give them my full attention and all the things I can offer, and I don’t know why I feel like this. Many people do this I think get so into taking care of other people you have know time for yourself. I am all about the healing and taking care of myself. That is what it all boils down to I can’t take care of other people until I take of myself first. And that is really new to me because that is something that I really not done before and it is time. My world now is coming together I did not know that when you have something happen that is out of your control it gives you  a new outlook on different things. Because before I was all about taking care  of others and not myself and from now on it is all about me and nothing well get in the way.


manju says:

This sounds like a great plan, Shannon. I’m glad you have this circle of people who want to help you succeed. You have earned it.

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