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{January 7, 2008}   1-7-08

Should I speak or should I hold things inside. My body hurts as it goes through so much pain. I try to make it stop but it never seems to go away. I wonder if it will always feel this way or just for this period of time. I feel like a child lost in the streets fighting to regain the life that they once knew. I am that person that has the voice to stand even if it shacks for that second in time but I know that I will feel better for that moment in time. My name is Shannon and can’t anyone take that away from me. I hold on to that as a key for a front door yes my name is Shannon. I am that kid that smiles all the time and even when things feel so bad I joke and dance and tell everyone one I love them because I am that shinning star. I am a book with know ending with many chapters to follow I am that person. I know sometimes things happen to make you doubt about who you are but that never gets you to the place that makes you feel any better. Like my friends say let someone help you because you can’t handle it alone I am that person. Yes my name is Shannon and I am that person that loves myself even when the odds are against myself.


manju says:

Buttercup, this entry holds so much more feeling than one could ever believe would fit in this handful of words. Keep writing and expressing~ your mindfulness will be your protection. Telling your truth will tilt the odds back in your favor. I look forward to seeing you as soon as you return.

rishia says:

Hey Shannon, so happy to find another soul trying to keep it real in the blogosphere. Thanks for your deep honesty. One of my new year resolutions was to be honest, at least with myself. I see you already have that one down. Thanks for your insight, your self-awareness. I feel very strongly that if we are patient with ourselves and those around us, and if we patiently try to see our true selves, with tenderness and forgiveness, we’ll transform. Wishing you the utmost transformation, the will to relax into life, the inner-fight to look deeply with compassion. This is what we call Warrior Heart, and my friend, you got it. Stay up.

manju says:

I had so much fun cooking with you yesterday! You are an awesome chef! I’m so glad you’re home, my love.
How did you like the biriyani? Was it worth all the work? What did you enjoy about the gathering at Yashna’s house? How was dancing last night? I’m sorry I went home early.
Please resume writing in your blog daily, now that you’re back. The world needs your words.

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