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{January 4, 2008}   12-03-07

So I was at the the ubuntu healing meeting the other day and Manju asked up a really amazing question which was,” What kind of world we would love to leave in”. So I thought about it and the world I would like to stay it would feel free and full of love. A world full of peace and honor and self respect. People willing to make change. And respond in the was that is necessary to make to make everyone fell loved and cherished that is the kind of world I would love to leave in. But there where so many other different responses to this question like on person said that they wanted to stay in a world that they felt safe to be themselves and not afraid about what people would do or say. And someone else saying that they wanted to help feed all people they where willing to give there last little bit to make someone else feel better. See all this amazing things can be said in world’s but really it is up to us to make them happen. Just imagine a world like that it really would be nice. So I want to thank everyone who made me see that there are people willing and has the self drive to speak there mind and saying things that needed to be said. The world where so nice and filling with love that really made my day and I know it did for many others.


manju says:

You just shine on, you brilliant visionary. Stay strong, my love.

Thanks for the great time tonight on the dance floor! Let’s go out to clubs together more!

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