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{December 15, 2007}   12-15-07

I lay in bed as my heart beats wondering what in the world is going on. So many things seem to flash in front of me like a story with so many chapters. I can’t figure out why this happening but at the end of each chapter all I can do is bow my head and smile about the things I had seen. I can’t really judge them and I can’t complain I have to really say I love the book of my life. Seeing the moving objects and oh so many people that I remember that I am know longer in contact with “Man I have came so far” that is all I can say. All my old friends are either in jail or know longer I mean people that I hung around know longer than 5 year ago that is really bad but they choose the path that they wanted. They all had time to change. But I can’t judge them because these day in age there is nothing else really to do I know back then it wasn’t. Just hanging around the streets and making things happen for yourself and most time they was bad. Sitting on people’s stairs drinking, smoking totally frying you brain lol! but that was all it was. And seeing people way older than you doing the same thing. Is it just a dream or is it the truth that the world is really like this. I sweat and think to myself could I really make things better or am I just in my dream that never seems to end.


yashna says:

Wow, Shannon, this blog entry reads like a poem. It is beautiful and thoughtful.

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