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{December 12, 2007}   12-12-07 ( A important issue that Americas should be thinking about)

A issue that I think Americans should be thinking about is violence that is going around in the world . People dying everyday because either they are beaten to death or murdered. And the rate is quickly growing, it is not just adults that are doing these crimes it is even the children. And don’t you really think what your child seeing you do more than likely there are going to do the same thing. Raising your hand to harm someone else is not the right thing to do one because you are not bettering it and two your are adding to the number of people in jail. And everyone should be apart of the world at least I think. It really makes me said that people are not taking the serious but turn on you T.V.’s and watch the news you will see about two or three crimes that have happened and people going to face trial for there actions. Really it is getting bad when it is going into schools. Because most people go in there to learn not to have there life ended or see someone else life ended. I know I don’t go to school for that. Really this takes you make into the days where people where getting killed for there race and who judges people for that. Being killed my dog’s and being shot by water until they fell to the ground motionless for the color of there skins they can’t help that and I am sure that most people hurt other because they don’t agree of what they see, hear, or think. You really shouldn’t judge other people because they have there own minds about things. So American’s you should really think to yourself are you gone hurt someone because you don’t agree with the person has said or done. Don’t add on to the numbers because we already have enough people in jail or eight feet under the ground.


manju says:

Your blog entry left me reflecting on how much of what we do comes from a place of suffering– either our own, or some historical legacy of suffering. It sounds like you feel like you’re asking Americans to notice the cycle of violence, and you’re asking us to think twice before hurting someone as punishment for their beliefs or actions. That makes a lot of sense to me.

I had a couple questions. First, how do you suggest people stay conscious to all the suffering and not be violently reactive? It seems like a real challenge, for those of us who have grown up in this violent society. Second, do you feel similarly or differently about violence done in self-defense, as a response to an equally violent act (or the threat of it)?

manju says:

Oof. That second sentence I wrote is kind of unwieldy. Sorry! I’m trying to model good grammar here, but I can’t seem to pull it off today. Can’t wait to see you in five minutes! Hopefully I can get it together by then…

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