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{December 10, 2007}   12-09-07

So I was sitting around today and I had time to think about my most cherished day because I got asked about that the other day and really I did not have answer. So now I do my most cherished days was when I decided trying to be like everyone else was not getting me any where seeing and being apart of the trouble that was going on made me think is this really for me. So I sat down and thought for along time as the tears overshadowed my eyes began to run down my eyes down my cheeks as I saw so many things flash in front of me. I know to myself that I had brothers and sisters and being the oldest I did not want them to go through that so I decided then that I would change. Leave the gangs alone, start taking charge of my life and trying to make things right. That was not the most easiest thing for me because being apart of the gangs made me feel like I had someone in my corner and they made me feel like a real family member. But really was I apart of a family or just apart of something that was fucking my life up. But as I sit here today and think about how I was then and how I am now makes me smile and rejoice inside because I have so much going for myself and I would have to say that when I decided to leave all that shit alone that was my most cherished day because I am alive not in jail with the people that I love oh so much!


manju says:

I’m grateful you’re alive, and I’m glad you’re in such firm possession of your choices. Loving you…

Jenn says:

You’ve got me in your corner!!!

manju says:

I LOVED working on grammar with you today! You’re a shining star and it’s an honor to get to study with you. I can’t wait to read your next blog entry, sweetpea!

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