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{December 9, 2007}   12-8-07

So from my last blog my spirit we kinda broken but now it is back. After having a great time with my friends out dancing made my day. Just seeing the smiles on everyone face as people swing around moved there feet gave me my smile back. People showed love in so many ways if it was over a beer or one hand in another spinning around being where not judging, moody, they just wanted to have fun. And really I think that is what life is all about having fun and spending time with people that feel the same way. Talking about things that really affect me is really getting hard to talk about now so bare with me. But it is really late so I am going to bed but I want to end with this. You don’t expecting to have fun with people you don’t know but they show you something else it is not about you age, gender or anything like that is about how you are and what you are willing to share with other people.


manju says:

Oooh! You had such a good time at the club! I’m so glad you hit the floor tonight. You know how bad you are with those dance moves.

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