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{December 7, 2007}  

So I am really enjoying this writing thing. I really don’t know why but I just feel really free to tell people how I really feel and what I really think. So let me tell you a little about myself I am 19 and enjoying life and being apart to a loving community. They are like my family they make me feel like I have something to leave for they give me the encouragement that I need to follow through with my dreams just like my real family. But life has not been a joy like this all the time. Having to face some of the things that I have come in contact with has made me grow stronger and stronger to become the person that I stand her to be now a strong and forceful young woman. I sometimes wonder why do people have to face the things that they have to to become a person like this. You have to cry,  fight , talk and enforce things around you to survive this day in age but back to me. Things that happened in my life I look at them as if it was meant to be I had to learn from them and really I am kinda thankful for them, even though they hurt and make you feel like shit you grow stronger. I may not have done all the right things in the past but I am regaining my life back now I am in school getting the things that I hadn’t before done because really I want that paper in my hand, because I think that would be a big part of the dream that I have for myself. My dream is to become one to bring change to the world that could really make it so much better I am not saying that I want to be a George Bush or Bill Clinton I just want to be me and me alone because I was created with my own thoughts and idea’s and I don’t want to force anything on anyone I just want to give my opinion about what I think because if you want to help the world  you have to hear what everyone and any one want to see happen as well.pic1.jpg


Isabell says:


Thanks for keeping this blog! Your hope and determination inspire me! I think you’re right, tis hard to be one person trying to make a change, but together we are stronger.

I’ll be checking back regularly to see how things are!

-Isabell (a friend of Manju’s from Greensboro)

aashe says:

This is awesome, Shannon! I’m so glad you are feeling really free to tell people how you feel and what you think! That will take you a long way in building meaningful relationships and holding together strong community.

FYI – I’ve spent a lot of time under-the-hood of WordPress blogs for my work. So, if you want some help figuring out how to customize this baby, let’s sit down in front of a computer some time.

yashna says:

I am so happy to read your blog. Thanks for being a part of this world, and my world!
Love, Yashna

caitlin says:

go shannon!
the family is so behind you on this, and look at how far you have come already nic nic…

Yay!!!! I’m so happy that you’re writing. You inspire so many people…especially me! Looking forward to seeing more.

Afiya says:

Wow, Shannon! This is great. I want you to know that your thoughts and ideas are important to me. Keep writing and standing strong and doing what you need to do, cause you have amazing things to say and incredible things to accomplish. You rock!

Nia says:

Go baby girl go!!! Have I told you how much I love you today. I feel blessed having you in my life. Always ready for adventure you keep me as young as this ol lady can be. I’m glad that you are keeping this blog I’ll try not to write whole page novels as I reply to your brilliance!!!

Flo! says:

Hey LOVE!!! Go gurrrrlll! Go ‘head! I’m proud of you with this blog, these words, and ALL this forward movement! GREAT! Holla whenever!,


Mikel says:

Yeah Shannon, I’m definitely impressed with the way you are taking on your mission to write more, to improve your skills, and to speak your truth. It’s good hear more from you too, since I lot of times I just see you at parties and we don’t get into much of a conversation. Now I know what I’m missing.

Rachael says:

Shannon, Shannon, Shannon…you will and have already created change in the world. You are right, there are so many messed up things in this world…you could just cry and cry for days…but that’s not the road you’ve taken.

You’ve decided to dream, write, and dance in a new world…and we, “the peoples” are right there to support you on!

love ya,

I want to say thank you for all the words you blessed my page with and I am glad to be one of all of your friends

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