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{December 7, 2007}   12-06-07

Today has been sorta of a bad day but really calm. I don’t know what is wrong am I thinking about to many things or am I just at me boiling point. I see so many things happening and so many things said, that really you don’t want to see or hear. I don’t want to in interact in these things but I want to make them stop. But I am one person and I can’t make this stop alone. Hearing the news takes my breath away like the three old ladies that got beat to death or beat so bad they had to go into the hospital. Who deserves something like that. I hear my follow African Americans say that they want things like  this to happen to but if we go around a physically hurting others and getting ourselves locked up we are not gone have enough community to make something happen that betters our lives and I am not saying that for everyone. I remember being young and hearing about people from back in the day that tried to help out in positive way and negative ones but at least they where trying to do something to better us. So I guess this is something that I want to see happen change.


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